Bathtub Help and FAQ

Measuring a mobile home tub?
What is the difference between ABS and Fiberglass
How do I determine Drain Type?
How do I install my mobile home tub?
How do I clear/care for my mobile home tub?

Measuring a mobile home tub?

Measuring a mobile home tub is easy! All measurments in a mobile home are done by measuring the 'rough opening'.
That is the 'hole' the item actually fits into. To measure a mobile home tub, measure the opening the tub unit fits in.
If there is no tub, just measure between the paneling or studs.

There are standard sizes:
  • 27" x 54" (sometimes called a 28" x 54")
  • 42" x 54" Garden Tub - ABS Only
  • 42" x 60" Garden Tub - ABS and Fiberglass available
  • 44" x 54" Garden Tub - Fiberglass Only
  • 48" x 60" Garden Tub - Fiberglass Only

Measuring a mobile home tub?

The mobile home tubs we sell are available in two materials. ABS Plastic and Fiberglass. Do know that, tubs made out of either material must meet the same standards. Either tub will last for YEARS under heavy use.

ABS Plastic
  • Easy to work with. Very Lite Weight!
  • Easier Installion.
  • Economical price makes them perfect for replacements in Rental Units.
  • Will Deform rather than Crack for increased durability.
  • Can be used with an Interior Storm Window for added insulation!

  • Heavy Duty
  • Completely Rigid and Sturdy.
  • Beautiful Enamel Gel Coat Finish
  • Highly insulated

How do I determine Drain Type?

Determining the drain type is simple.
  1. Stand in front of the tub as though you are preparing to step in. DO NOT STAND IN THE TUB FACING OUT
  2. Note the location of the Drain.
    • Drain is on the Left - Left Hand Drain
    • Drain is on the Right - Right Hand Drain
    • Drain is in the Center - Center Drain. All Garden Tubs have a center drain by Default.

How do I install my mobile home tub?

The below guide is a basic guide to installing your mobile home tub. Additional instructions come in a pouch taped to your tub!

  1. Do not store unis outside for excessive lengths of time. Gel-coat unit will fade when in contact with direct sunlight.
  2. When measuring the unit for installation be sure to use the top of the unit for overall depth and width of unit. Note - Most units have slanted backs and sides. But the front of the units should always be installed vertically plumb.
  3. Prior to installation, Check to be sure the framed in area is proper size, square, plumb and clear debris.
  4. On back of unit, layout location of the holes for supply and mixing values. Showers head may be located throught wall of unit or wall above from the fornt or back. Drill a pilot hole of 1/4" or less at locations marked using a hole saw, cut holes to proper size.
  5. A code approved drain should be used. Apply a non-hardening sealant between the flange and the finished side of the unit.
  6. Remove shipping braces and position unit into framed area. Avoid flexing of sidewalls to prevent radius cracking. Shimming of the back support legs may be necessary to level unit. Check to be sure unit is plumb and level.
  7. Spot secure the flanges top and bottom, while continuously checking unit for level and sideways are plumb. Do not stand inside unit while performing this operation.
  8. Fasten the top flanges to each stud except within 2 of corner. Fasten side flanges. If no rigid support is behind side flanges, a rigid board should be placed vertically behind the side flanges for securing. Pre-drilling of screw holes should be done or use self tapping screws.
  9. Towel bars and grab bars may be bolted or screwed into the unit with the use of a wood strip or plank on the back side of the attached to the wall in that area.

How do I clear/care for my mobile home tub?

The below guide is a basic guide to installing your mobile home tub. Additional instructions come in a pouch taped to your tub!

Ameribath units are easy to keep clean and sparkling. Simply use warm water and a leading liquid Cleaner. Never use abrasives as this will dull the surface of the unit or leave scratches. In cases where abrasives were used however, the finish can be restored by applying an automotive white polishing compound applied with a soft cloth, rubbing vigorously and then whipping off residue. Wash the area with prescribed procedures from a leading automotive wax manufacturer.

Stubborn stains can be removed with solvents such as turpentine, paint thinner or acetone. In cases where this is necessary, use the compounding and wax procedures shown above to finish he area where the solvents were used.

Caution NOTE: When Using cleaning solvents use all prescribed safety PRECAUTIONS.