Frequently Asked Questions

This is our 'Frequently Asked Questions' Section. AKA the 'FAQ'. Use 'CTRL-F' to bring up your browsers search function if you don't feel like scanning throught the list..

Do you ship internationally?

No. We will ship small items to Canada, but only on an order by order basis. International shipping is expensive, fraud ridden, and difficult at best. Our target market is mainly centered in the United States, and that is where we focus our attention.

How do I know you aren't out there to steal my money? I hear about internet fraud daily!

Why would we waste months and weeks of our time to build a website, pay for the hosting, toll free number, just to steal someone's credit card information. The charge would be disputed, and refunded within a few days. This question is usually ask in ignorance. People often don't know that the internet has been a safe place for years, and the buyer has immense power. Remember, Credit Cards leave a solid trail.

Case Study: Make random varied transactions with your credit card. Order something huge. 10/10 times, your bank or credit card company will lock your card and call you within 24 hours.

Hello! I'm a minister from Nigeria. I have 8 MILLION USD to deposit and I need your help to transfer the money...

No you are not, and your parents are ashamed of you!

How long have you been online?

We started in late 2003, and haven't looked back since. Each year has been better then the one before!

Why is the shipping so expensive on some items?

Some of our items are too large to be shipped via ANY ground carrier (USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc). Examples are: vinyl skirting, garden tubs, doors, and oversized windows. These products are simply to large to be handled. Why?

Why are your prices lower then other sites online? Surely, your products are of inferior quality?

Sadly, we've heard this several times. Our products are the same as other online retailers. We just don't pump the price up. We also cut out the middle man so to speak, and go straight to the factory for several of our most popular items ( mobile home doors, mobile home tubs and windows).

Does Trailer John exist?

Yes. Trailer John is 53 years old, and in good health. He has been in the mobile home industry for 20+ years, and sold Mobile Homes up until 2003. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in the industry which is a great asset to AshvilleMobileHomes.

I don't see the item I want listed on your site. Can you special order if for me?

It's worth a shot! We can stock a wide range of mobile home parts. Our site focuses only on the most common. Email us at and inquire. There are some items we will not attempt to procure: Siding, Metal Siding, Mobile Home Siding in general and Hamburgers (we can't keep them in stock long enough).

How do I measure my door?

We asnwer this question every day. Please check out our Door Help Page for information regarding our Mobile Home Doors.