Miller Furnace, w/out A-Coil Cage

Miller Furnace, w/out A-Coil Cage

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KW/Square Footage Recommendation:
  • 12KW - 800-1000 Square Feet
  • 15KW - 1100-1300 Square Feet
  • 17KW - 1400-1600 Square Feet
  • 20KW - 1700-2000 Square Feet
  • 23KW - 2100..and up Square Feet

Miller now replaces Intertherm and Nordyne Furnace for your mobile home. This is a complete replacement unit that ships without the A-Coil cage.

Safe, dependable performance. Safety is an integral part of this furnace design. Auto reset controls protect unit electrical circuitry and help insure trouble-free performance. Ultra-Flex furnaces are run tested and safety checked before they leave the assembly plant. Safe, affordable electric heat is yours.

Heats economically. This furnace contains a Nichrome stage heating element fro long-lasting, efficient heating. The instant-on control system provides immediate warmth throughout your home. It is also engineered to function as a matched air handler with an air conditioner or heat pump system. It can adapt to provide efficient, dependable heating in either counter flow or up flow mode and with or without provision for ducted air return. The furnace is also versatile enough to work with self contained or split air conditioners or heat pumps.

Rugged, Compact, Easy to install. Field tested for rugged performance, this furnace features rugged exterior cabinetry to protect all working parts Inside, all components are designed to require minimum service. In only minutes the few screws necessary can be removed to allow for cleaning of the blower assembly. The entire control panel is easily accessible and features simplified circuitry. And the small height, width and depth dimensions of your Ultra-flex electric furnace allow it to fit easily in most closets , alcoves, or to be used an a stand alone unit.

  • Works with a 2-4 Ton AC unit.
  • Zero Clearance for Maximum Flexibility
  • Universal Disposable Filter is Readily Available and Easy to Replace
  • Built-In Coil Shelf for Easy Addition of Air Conditioner or Heat Pump.
  • Circuit Breakers Replace Old Fashioned Fuses.
  • Textured White, Appliance-Quality Door is Easy to Clean and Scratch Resistant
  • Ventilation and Air Circulation Control for Use with Ventilation Systems or Air to Provide Circulation
  • Nichrome Stage heating and Elements for Long-Lasting, Efficient Heat
  • Wire and Breaker Capacity Maximized for Higher BTU output
  • 29"H x 20"W x 23.75" D

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