Aluminum Windows

Pocahontas Aluminum Company, Inc

Pocahontas Aluminum windows are the perfect replacement for your damaged or broken mobile home windows. Pocahontas Aluminum windows meet or exceed all applicable test criteria set forth in AAMA 1702.2-02 and applicable ASTM standards for weatherization, and optional structual performance for Wind Zone III (155 mph) as referenced in CFR 2380.305.

These windows are economical, lightweight, and have tempered glass. Aluminum mobile home windows are designed to work in pairs. An exterior window and an interior that create a buffer zone of air (think of the double doors at your bank). While effective, they are not near as effective as the Kinro Vinyl windows.

  • Vertical Slider style
  • Multiple Fixed Open Positions
  • Mill or White Aluminum Frame
  • All Standard Mobile Home Sizes Available
  • Removeable Spring Loaded Screen
  • All Windows Include Screen
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