Coastal Ind. Shower Doors

Coastal Ind. Shower Doors

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We offer a wide range of shower doors to compliment our Mobile Home Tubs and Shower units.

Type determines which shower/tub it will fit!

This item can be shipped via USPS/Fedex as an oversize3 package.

Standard Features
  • Silver Satin Anodized Finish
  • Tempered Glass
  • Nylon Ball Bearing (Not Included in 32" x 32")
  • W-Type Bottom Track

You may also need the shower door sweep.
Freight is the only way to ship large items like Fiberglass Tubs, Combination Doors, Skirting and larger window orders. Shipping Freight isn't that bad. It can go straight to your home!

Freight-Business (to a business w/DOCK):
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