Skirting Mates

Skirting Mates
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Easy and Efficient Mobile Home Skirting Stud System. Make Skirting Simple, Fast!

This is an easy to install skirting stud system that takes all the hassle out. Prevent blow outs and secure your skirting with this innovative solution.

Instructions included!

Each set contains 24 units.

Each Unit consist of:
  • One Pocket
  • One Stake
  • Two Thumb Screws
  • Two Screws

You supply the upright (wooden 2x2) that goes between the pocket and the stake. A ripped 2 x 4 can not be used.
Skirting-Mates are warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship. Return of all defective items is not always necessary. Manufacturer will replace the product, if the product proves to be defective, or issue credit in the amount of the original sales price.

Skirting-Mates have a 100% Warranty. Return all parts in original carton for a 100% refund. S&H not included
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