Sun-Tek Skylights

Sun-Tek Skylights - The Skylight Experts
Sun-Tek Skylights is one of the leading skylight manufacturers in the United States. For over 30 years they have provided an affordable, easy way to let the sun shine into your home! Sun-Tek has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of durable, high-strength polycarbonate skylights in the nation with headquarters and factories located in the heart of Florida, it should come as no surprise that Sun-Tek Skylights are designed and manufactured to withstand whatever punishment the sun, wind and rain can deliver.

Innovation isnít just about style alone. As tougher building code requirements are raised by local governments to lessen property damage and protect their citizens during times of severe weather, Sun-Tek is ahead of the industry in meeting and exceeding these higher standards. They have built a reputation on quality, craftsmanship, reliability and a continued focus on innovation.

Each Skylight has a pre-punched flange, complete and ready to mount over the mobile home roof. Can be installed on metal or sloped mobile home roofs. Minimum pitch is 3:12.

All Sky-Tek Skylights come with these standard features:
  • Leakproof Design
  • UV Protection
  • Tough Polymer Panes
  • Energy Efficient
  • Anti-Fogging
  • Easy Installion
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