Kinro Vinyl Window - 40 W x 39-5/8 H

Kinro Vinyl Window - 40 W  x 39-5/8 H

Item# WV4039
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  • Thermopane Vinyl Window for Mobile Homes - Manufactured by Kinro Composites.
  • Strong, durable, no maintenance all vinyl chambered frame never needs painting.
  • Vertical Slider w/Screen Included
  • Incredibly insulated and energy efficient. Low-E decreases heat loss by 70%.
  • Tilts out for easy cleaning!

Highly insulated vinyl window for mobile homes.

Sizes are in W X H Format.

**Size = Rough Opening Size. Rounded to nearest Inch.

*Denotes: Special Order Item Add 3-6 weeks for delivery.
Warranty Type: Limited, Factory
Length: 1 Year from Delivery Date

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