Viny Skirting - Panels Cut to Size

Viny Skirting - Panels Cut to Size

Item# SK01C
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Do you need to replace just a few panels of skirting? Perhaps a weedeater has got the best of your skirting in a few places?

Look no further. We can sell you exactly what you need to replace the damaged piece.

Each vinyl skirting panel is about 12' in length(Height). We can cut this down in foot increments.

Example: On accident, you just knocked holes in your skirting with your weedeater. You now need three 4' panels to replace the damage. Since each panel starts out being 12', you would need only 1 full panel, cut into 4' sections, etc.

Place Correct heights and we will cut to size.

If you have any questions about this, call us at (833)209-2216

Each piece is vented and ribbed for superior insulation. The panels interlock together to form a secure barrier against the elements.

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